Elena lukášová - to říká inzerát - já nejsem včerejší

5 ABSTRACT The presented dissertation thesis deals with the issue of national image and its influence on increasing of competitiveness of domestic producers in the domestic wine market. Customers are currently affected by many factors that companies try to use to gain their competitive advantage and strengthen their competitive position in the market. The thesis is divided into three main parts. The first part defines the main objectives of the thesis, as well as the milestones, through which the main objective is accomplished. Furthermore, the research assumptions, which are verified on the basis of statistical hypotheses, are defined here and in the end, the research methods that will lead to the fulfilment of the main goal of this work are defined. This work combines several approaches to achieve the most accurate results. The second part summarizes the current literature point of view on the main topics of the work. It is divided into three sub-units, the first unit focuses on the definition, measurement and shaping of the national image. The second sub-unit deals with consumer behaviour, models of consumer behaviour according to the traditional and the modern concept and using online media to influence customer attitudes. The third subunit describes the concepts of competitiveness which are available in the literature. The third part is the research part. The research is carried out in the area of customers, producers and external organizations that are involved in raising awareness of domestic products of the wine industry on the domestic market. For each of the areas the key findings are set out at the conclusion, which are then followed by the creation of the concept of competitiveness usable in the wine industry and the creation of functioning communication models tailored to the specifics of the wine market. KEY WORDS Country-of-origin effect, national image, competitiveness, customer behaviour, customer, wine industry.

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Elena Lukášová - To Říká Inzerát - Já Nejsem VčerejšíElena Lukášová - To Říká Inzerát - Já Nejsem Včerejší